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The online roster system allows you to see which shifts are available, which BSO you would be working with, and to add, change or delete you own shifts.

Access to rosters is restricted* to accredited VAOs and Tasmanian Ambulance Service staff. If you don't have a username and password and want access to VAO rosters, send an email to info@vgate.net including your station affiliation and contact details.

You can learn how to use the new VAO roster system by taking this short online course AT Online Roster System or you can read through the brief help information provided on this page.

If you are still having difficulties after this, please email info@vgate.net.au





Logging In

If you have a username and password, you can go to the log-in screen by clicking on the word (login) on the bottom left side of the screen. Only accredited volunteers will be issued with user names and passwords.

Enter your username (usually your first name and last name initial) and your password.

If you are logging in for the first time, be sure to change your password to something unique and that you can easily remember. (Please don't use your name again or birthday or anything anyone else can easily figure out).

You could also go directly to the login screen by bookmarking http://vgate.net.au/calendars/login.php on your web-browser.

Once you log in, you will see the roster for the station to which your user name has been linked. There are two views; one is the traditional "Outlook" style calendar, the other is two or three column (depending on whether your station runs two or three shifts per day) "roster" view. Both views contain the same information.

On the "roster" view, you can choose whether to see or suppress the hours on-roster, on-station, on-call and on-case. These figures are required for monthly reports for rural stations and you BSO may ask you to enter this information at the end of each shift.

You can change views by clicking on the appropriate link from the menu at the bottom of the screen.




Adding a Shift

When you click on the + sign in the top right corner of the day you want to add a shift for, a template will pop-up where you can add your shift details.

Title (Brief Description)

This is what appears on the main calendar view of the roster. There are strict requirements on what to put in this field ... see instructions on the right.

Full Description

Put in your full name, as well as any other relevant information such as "only until midnight" or "not starting until 9:00am". Use abbreviations where you can and keep the full description as concise as possible.

Type of Event

Choose "Timed Event". This will allow you to enter a start time and a duration for the shift.

Start Time

The start-time is entered using the 24 hour clock. In most BSO stations this will be 08:00 for a day shift or 18:00 for a night shift, but this may vary in some rural stations.


In BSO stations, day shifts are 10:00 hours and night shifts are 14:00 hours. However, if for example the person can only stay until midnight or is starting late, enter the actual number of hours they plan to be on-shift.

If you are asked for "End Time" instead of duration, you need to change your Preferences back to Duration.

The "Brief Description" Field

You must folow the required format for each shift (or "event") title, otherwise the system will not put your shifts in the correct column.

There are three parts to the required format:

(shift) (role) - (name)

Shifts are designated as either DAY or EVEN (for evening) or NIGHT. No other abbreviation or acronym will work.

The acronym BSO is used for all shifts for paid TAS staff.

Volunteers can be designated as VAO or 2ND or 3RD or OBS (for observer) or VIT (for volunteer in training).

You can use your first name or your last name, but please be consistent with the rest of the volunteers at your station. BSOs should be surname only (matches the way rosters come out from headquarters).

Capitalise the first letter and then use lower case for all volunteer names; use ALL CAPS for BSO surnames.

For example:

would be the title or brief description for John Smith working the night shift as BSO.

VAO DAY - Fred
would be the title or brief description for Fred Jones working the day shift as VAO.

VIT NIGHT - Anderson
would be the title or brief description for Mary Anderson working the night shift as a volunteer-in-training (assuming all volunteers use surnames rather than first names for their roster entries).




Changing or Cancelling a Shift

You can edit, delete or copy any of your own shifts. If you can't get to a computer, a BSO can edit or delete shifts for you.


You can edit any entry, for example to change the time or to add a note such as "only until midnight".


You can delete any entry. This process cannot be undone. If you accidentally delete a shift, you'll have to add it again as a new shift, from scratch.


Copy is a really useful function. It takes and existing shift and adds an identical copy into the roster, ready to be edited. All you need to do then is change the date. Be sure to choose an existing day shift if you are adding a new day shift, or choose an existing night shift to enter a new night, etc.


Account Preferences

If you want to change your password or email address, you need to login, choose Admin and then click on the Account button.

If you want to change the way your calendar appears, for example to us the 12-hour clock instead of the 24-hour clock, or to use a different colour scheme, you should choose Admin and then click on the Preferences button.

We do not currently use the Layers or Categories buttons. We also do not use the "When I am The Boss" or "Assistant" features.


E-mail Reminders

On the preference screen, you can change the setting for e-mail so that you receive reminders of upcoming shifts. By default this setting is set to "no".

If you set this to "yes", then every time you add a shift you will also have the option of specifying how far ahead to receive a reminder email (this can be set to, for example, 8 hours or 2 days or whatever time you want).



Printing a Roster

You should choose the "print friendly" version from the menu at the bottom of the screen if you want to print out a copy of a roster. You can then print using the File | Print command from your web-browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc.).


Questions / Further Help

If you have any problems using WebCalendar, or have a question, please send an email to info@vgate.net.au and we will endeavor to assist you as quickly as possible.


The TAS Volunteer Gateway is a web-based service for Volunteer Ambulance Officers that provides access to rosters, training schedules, learning & skill development modules and other resources online, anytime, anywhere. At the moment, these online services are being developed and trialed with volunteers at the Bridgewater Station of the Tasmanian Ambulance Service. In the coming months, the services will be expanded and made available to other urban and rural stations across the state.

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